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1. Ritual Revolution

Revolution is a critical turn in the socio-economic conditions in which one model of government is overthrown and replaced with another completely different political, social and economic model. The Revolution may occur at a favourable historical moment, both at national and international level. This moment is Now. It is an organized action of people caused by great dissatisfaction with the existing model of government, and such discontent exists today. Revolution is a desirable change; it is the introduction of something new.

The Revolution is a Ritual, and it is, by its very nature, a series of symbolic actions aimed at achieving a specific purpose. The strong necessity thereof occurs during time of transition or imbalance, and it is the means of restoring it. The Ritual is the creative activity of man, the continuation of the divine. It plays the role of a bridge from one world to another. The participants therein are the builders of bridges, they act as magicians who arrange the Universe and with it the small human world of the community and the state. Through the Ritual we destroy one reality and create another.

The Ritual Revolution is both a revolution and a ritual aimed at a complete reformation of society, through the institutional creation of politics as art and art as a policy. It is the struggle between ideologies and value systems. The Ritual Revolution may originate from a small group of persons /art evolutionists/, but its success depends on the approval and support of the people. It uses artistic practices/approaches for policy-making. It is one permanent revolution – once it has begun, it cannot end until it has established the Creative Model of Governance all over the world. The Ritual Revolution is a planned non-violent change that uses all the legal methods and means to achieve the ultimate goal, namely establishing the Creative Model of Governance.

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