Edition 2019

Opening of Dream Tree – Gorna Lipnitsa by Singaporean artist MaryAnn Loo this Thursday, August 21st at 6.30 pm

Singaporean artist MaryAnn Loo is on a journey to paint 100 Dream Tree murals around the world, inspired by 100 places and their landmarks, cultures and stories. These 100 Dream Trees are not only a celebration of places and people around the world, but also a message of living the life of our dreams. “Dream Tree, Gorna Lipnitsa” is the seventh instalment in this series, and the second one in Bulgaria. There are currently five other Dream Trees in Singapore, Spain, Latvia and Lithuania.

Come listen to the artist share the story behind the Dream Trees and discover what’s the meaning of the penguins.

Time: 6.30 pm

Place: The house on the main street in front of the school


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