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Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear friends and colleagues,


“Development for Gorna Lipnitsa Association” together with Gorna Lipnitsa municipality are organizing an art residency called “The Оld School” in Gorna Lipnitsa village, Bulgaria. For one week the building of the ex-school will shelter artists from different nations, who will make art with the idea of working in a new, not ordinary  place.

In this upcoming event painters, sculptors, photographers, writers, poets, icon-painters, etc., could take part. The participants would be chosen by jury. The results will be announced in the end of May.

In 2010 you can apply for:

1       Painting

2       Wood sculpture

3       Photography

4       Visual arts and installations

5       Literature publications

6       Icon-painting and restoration

Development for Gorna Lipnitsa association provides working places, sleeping places, food, materials for work and translators. The art residency has three indoor workshops – for painting, wood sculpture and photo studio, and outdoor area for working. Costs of travelling and insurances/for foreign artists/ will be at artists expenses. There will be a contract for every participant arranging their participation.

Date of activity: 24 – 31 August 2010 year

Place: Gorna Lipnitsa village, Bulgaria

The art residence motto in 2010 will be “Legend Collectors”.

Possible topics:

  •         Legends for snakes
  •         Legends for dragons
  •         Legends for magic
  •         Legends for treasure
  •         Stories for fountains and watermills
  •         Stories and legends for animals
  •         Dry wells – stories and researches


* Those topics are just for example, the participants could choose another topics for work.

For each topic, materials will be provided for the artist, there will be also an opportunity to talk with people connected with the topic, to walk around the village with them searching for other materials. After collecting enough materials each artist will create his own work.

Each artist who wants to apply for participation in the residence in 2010 y. should send a CV in English- representing his previous work and art experience. Artists must inform us which one of the six themes they want to take part in.

Up to 10 artists would be allowed to take part in the residency in 2010.

Deadline: 20 May 2010.

Announcing results: 30 May 2010.


We are waiting for you applications! If you want to know something else don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail, we will answer every question related to the residence.

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