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REDRESS, 2015 by Brandi Martin – U.S.

Artist – Brandi Martin
Gorna Lipnitsa, 2015

This work is about how the processes of disaster and repair are always experienced simultaneously inside of us. While we experience loss over and over again inside ourselves, the act of rebuilding our lives happens at the same time. One of the roles of rituals is to demonstrate that the past, present, and future are supposed to exist together. The effort of rebuilding our lives and cultures after difficult times is not just heroic, but beautiful, even with the scars still there.
This project was inspired by the history of Bulgaria, and Gorna Lipnitsa. Even the idea of this residency, using an empty school to make a new ritual every summer is this kind of effort. I can relate my own past, and my family’s past to the one here.
Adding my history and feelings to a dress that was made by hand from this area symbolizes this universal human effort, remaking our lives with change and ritual.




The events will be organised within the framework of the project Оrganizing and conducting of The Old School residency on the topic of Ritual Art – Time and Space financed by a grant under BG 08 Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts Programme of the EEA financial mechanism – Small grant scheme „Contemporary art and culture presented and reaching a broader audience” .

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