Manifesto of The Old School Circle for the Beginning of the New World


We believe in the Wheel of time,

we believe in the End,

because we believe in the Beginning.


We will CREATE and model the New world with our thoughts, wishes and actions:


1. A world with SOCIETY connected with the Universe.

  • The connection with the Universe and the consideration of its existence and laws will change dramatically the Society and Earth.
  • We create a Society in which each person is a creator in his own initiative and the engine for its action are only the needs and motives of the creator.

2. A world leaded by POLITICIANS/LEADERS/ – creators.

  • We create politicians/leaders/ with fan clubs. These are people who are smart, beautiful, powerful and talented. Successful persons who ordinary people like and follow.
  • We create politicians/leaders/, who admit the laws of the Universe and have the knowledge and power to get in contact with it.

3. A world of ART going out of the Earth boundaries and significant  in the frames of the Universe.

  • We create “Clever” art, breaking the boundaries and taboo, rebounding from the knowledge of everything happened before it in the well known Earth history.
  • We create Universal art which will replace the existing one, locked in the frames of one Country, one Continent, one Earth.


These are the three principles

of the new world,

which will guide us in the creation of the details.



This manifesto needs an action from you, the Reader,

You can accept or reject it,

add or change something in it.


But you have to make your choice…