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We Would Like to Express Our Gratitude to All of The People Who Helped With Making “The Old School Art Residency” 2019 Edition, Possible

Special thanks to:


Pavlikeni Municipality – for the financial support during the children’s art residency “Generation ‘I Create”.

Lawyer Hristo Dishev – for the financial donation.

Dave and Sue Massey – for letting us use their house to accommodate artists.

Your support means a lot to us all – the organizers of the residency, the people from the village, the young artists of Gorna Lipnitsa, Gabrovo, Kazanluk, Burgas as well as all the guest artists.

Thanks to your help, this past summer,  “The Old School Art residency” served as a home to 35 talented kids, which all worked during the children’s art residency and 16 artists from different parts of the world – UK, China, USA, Italy, Greece, South Korea, Israel and Singapore .

We believe that art does not only create memorable experiences for the viewer but it also helps expand one’s painting frame called life.


Darina and Dimitar Palov,

Organizers of The Old School art residency


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