Edition 2021

Meet Our Resident Artists – October 2021


Alejandro Zertuche (1989, Mexico) – Performance



Visual artist & independent arts manager, graduated in Visual Arts from UANL and is co-director of Venus Project, performance artplatform, he has presented his work in different exhibitions and performance art festivals around Mexico and Cyprus, Colombia, Italy, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Finland, Poland, Peru, Chile, Spain, Paraguay, Brazil, Indonesia, India, Iran, Bulgaria, Belgium, Bolivia, Argentina, Myanmar, U.S.A., Germany, Ecuador,Bilbao.

He has been part of platforms such as EmergentArtSpace, Escuela Incierta and Performance Art Studies, as well as appearing in publications like Emergency Index Vol. 5, DISPERSION, and LARMAGAZINE024. He was a fellow of the Young Creators 2016- 2017 program in México’s National Fund for Culture and Arts with the project “Frágil”.

His artistic practice can be located in an autobiographical vision that he links with an independent study of occultism and mysticism, frequently exploring the capacity of ritual in performance art, linking processes to generate video, sound and installation experiments.

Sarah E Philips (USA) – Land art, photographic and short video works


Wash your hands, your feet. Body, mind, self, other. Everything within reach. Scrub; faster. Blood is sustenance. You will not be clean yet, or, perhaps, ever. You will wash all the same. It is necessary.

Sarah Phillips is a multi-media artist located in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  She earned her BFA in Art (photography and painting,) and BA in scenic design at James Madison University in 2017, and an MFA in Intermedia Studies, also from JMU. in 2020, she completed a CAS Arts and International cooperation at the Zurich University of the Arts in Zurich, Switzerland. She has shown work across Virginia, Washington, DC, Rome, Italy, and has done mural projects in Illinois, Bucharest, Romania, Virginia, and Panama, and is a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts 2019-2020 Fellow.

Her recent work, Sacrament Strange, responds to habits of ritual and perpetuation of ritual.  What are the rules that we follow, construct, bastardize, as we move through the world? These works–Transubstance, I Have Become a Foreigner, and Sanctuary, respond to themes of isolation, the varied meanings of cleansing and cleanliness, separation from self, care-taking, and things hoped for.

Selin Goksel (Turkey) – Painting


I am a multi-media artist, who was born in Istanbul, in 1978, and decided to pursue a career in fine arts after training to be a dental technician. I am a free-lance art teacher and art therapy techniques instructor. I got my bachelors degree in Fine Arts (Painting, Sculpting and Ceramics) at Yeditepe University (İstanbul, Turkey) and graduated in 2005. I got my masters degree in Art Education from Marmara University (İstanbul, Turkey) at 2010. Since 2019, I am a member of Art Psychoterapies Association Turkey.

I have been using different materials in my artworks. I paint in oil, acrylics and watercolors on paper and canvas. I make lino and mono prints. Also I like collecting and using recycled found objects in my art, so I create sculptures with found materials, wire, resin, plywood and paper. I love to use all different kinds of materials at the same time. While making a paper or a wood sculpture, I make a painting or a print at the same time. Through these different materials, you can sense the rich vocabulary of my artworks that they speak in between.

In the past I had researches over fertile, abundant and creative Mother Goddes figurines and painted them over and over again. Nowadays, I mainly focus on women who surround my life and interested in how the traditions pass from our ancestors, from grandmothers to the younger ones. I am so amazed to see how powerful they are in life, they are mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters or friends to one another. Through the connection that they have, they pass the knowledge, the memories and share the joy and struggles together. I watch carefully all these women who are in my family and also who are at my surrounding, then I sketch, paint or sculpt them to honor and to remember them always.

I have painted 2 children books of Clinical Psychologist Olcay Güner(Ph.D.) in 2015.

I collaborated creating 2 art books with artists. First one is called “Collaborationbook project” with a German artist (Lydia Rink) with paintings and second one is called “Lost in Istanbul” with a Russian-Dutch artist (Irina Popova) with photos in 2019.

I had 5 personal exhibitions, 3 personal virtual exhibitions and since university I attended 22 group exhibitions.

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