Star Ritual Art /Star RA/


Star Ritual Art


What is the connection between the Thracians and Ritual Art or how Star Ritual Art is born.

The Formula

As Thracian tribes – Crobyzi and Getae had arranged their existence according to the idea that they are part of the Universe, creating of art should be done in the same way – guided  by the idea for its belonging and connection to the Universe.  Artists make art and create Star Ritual Art (Star RA) using ritual techniques connected with the stars and the Universe. The final result should be aimed at achieving a clear and significant goal in the bounds of the Universe.

Who can be a spectator and creator of Star Ritual Art?

Star RA is art created in a universal language and therefore it can be understood by public from different species and races, inhabiting the Universe.

Star RA is an art that has the capacity to be created in collaboration with artists/creators from different dimensions of the Universe. Creativity exists in the Universe. Proof of this is the creation of our home planet Earth – in itself it is a creative act of an unknown artist. Therefore artists/ creators in every meaning of this word exist beyond Earth boundaries.

Earth essence of Star Ritual Art.

Despite its universal character Star RA is connected to planet Earth. Although the stalk is wrapped among the stars, its roots origin from the Earth. Still it’s not entirely clear, but it may be assumed that in future every star ritual artist could be identified in the Universe by his/her sign. According to one of the theories, the basis of this sign will be the image of the Great Mother Earth, the same as that in which Thracians believed thousands of years ago.