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Ritual art – Time and Space exhibition can be seen until January 25, 2016 in Sofia

On Friday, January 15, 2016 took place the opening of Ritual art – Time and Space exhibition in Nuance Art Gallery, Sofia. This is the fourth exhibition which shows the works of the participating artists in the sixth edition of the Old School Residency:

Hanna Ilczyszyn – Poland/ Belgium – Painting
Yanyi “Sunny” Jiang – U.S/China – Painting/Performance
Domingo Pino – Spain – Visual Arts and Installations/Painting
Brandi Martin – U.S. – Visual Arts and Installations
Presiana Shisheva – Bulgaria – Visual Arts and Installations
Miryan Kolev – Bulgaria – Music
Trevor Knott – U.S. – Performance/Drawing
Damyan Bumbalov – Bulgaria – Painting
Martin Petrov – Bulgaria – Painting
Plamen Petrov – Bulgaria – Visual Arts and Installations
Hristo Valchev – Bulgaria – Visual Arts and Installations
Yana Kuneva/Stanislav Dobrev – Bulgaria – Visual Arts and Installations
L.Y.R.A. – Bulgaria – Ritual art

In 2015 the work of the artists was organized on the basis of written materials connected with the theme of the residency – Ritual Art – Time and Space. The main purpose of these texts was to present different views on Time and Space in the Bulgarian folklore, religious and esoteric rituals along with theories of Time and Space in the modern physics. Like magicians who choose the proper time and space to perform their rituals, the artists in the residency has created Ritual Art by using the main characteristics of Time and Space.

On 16 January a seminar was held in Nuance Art Gallery on: “Ways of presenting contemporary art through art residencies”. We shared our experience with:

 – making multicultural contemporary art in a small village through an art residency that is based on Bulgarian folklore, history, traditions and culture; 

– including the local community, especially the children, in the process of creating art as active spectators; 

– creating Ritual Art and observing its influence on the society and the world. 

Lecturers in the seminar were Darina Palova and Dimitar Palov – lawyers, artists and organizers of the Old school residency in Gorna Lipnitsa village.


The events will be organised within the framework of the project Оrganizing and conducting of The Old School residency on the topic of Ritual Art – Time and Space financed by a grant under BG 08 Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts Programme of the EEA financial mechanism – Small grant scheme „Contemporary art and culture presented and reaching a broader audience” .

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