The mission of the residency is to bring the contemporary art and artists back to the nature and village way of life. Therefore our idea is by gathering Bulgarian and foreign artists in such kind of place to give them the opportunity to find inspiration and collaborate with the local community. They are free to explore this different village life and they could make it an object of their art process. Our aim is to support and provoke the creative ideas of the participating artists by providing time for work, contemplation and interaction with other artists in beautiful natural surroundings.

The residency is a form of self-isolation from the usual overstimulating urban activities and landscapes. It gives a splendid opportunity for creative solitude and silence which are essential for the expression of creativity.

All activities of the residency are conceptual. There are previously prepared themes for work connected with the local folklore, myths and culture and at the same time we try to mix time, space and art of all kinds. The residency has festival character so that we prepare parallel program with different events connected with the theme – concerts, performances, films screening. The work of the artists and the events of the parallel program are open for visitors and the final result of the residence is a project of interaction and collaboration between artists and local people.

During the residency we work also with children from the village because we think that by doing this we could spread knowledge and make art more popular and closer to them.