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Ritual for abandoned houses with the Italian artist Daniele Villa– 22.08.2013 at 9 pm.

On the 22th of August at 9 pm, the Italian artist Daniele Villa – participant of the Old School Art Residency together with children from the village, will do a little ritual to pay homage to the abandoned houses in Gorna Lipnitsa.

He and the children will bring candles and flowers in front of the abandoned houses of the main streets in the village. His idea is remembering the lives that were lived there with hope that new inhabitants will come in the future and will bring back their old splendor. Every person of the village that would like to join and bring candles and flowers will be welcome. The appointment is at 9 pm in front of the municipality of Gorna Lipnitsa.

The artist works on gathering memories from the local people by collecting (only for a day) an object that could tell a story about their life. He will create an exhibition at the end of the residency in which the fragments of the different memories of the people will create a new collective sharing of experiences for the whole community. The people that would like to participate in the project with an object from their houses and its story can contact Daniele Villa at the Old School. Deadline Saturday morning.

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