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The Old school art residency presents ALEJANDRO ZERTUCHE – a performance artist from Mexico – this Saturday, 23th of October at 5 pm .

I have a defined personal politic of complete honesty as a way to access the reality that I situate myself into, as I began to understand life in Gorna Lipnitsa, its history, leyends and people I related with,I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and slowness, as a reflection I did a series of performance exercises which allowed me to connect with this space, breathing, running, sitting still, to fully acknowledge every feeling and sensation as they emerged and accepting them as they were, whether they were good or bad, letting go of the anxiety of the future and and trying to enjoy what I was given, the energy exchange occurring everyday.

As a magician, these actions become a vehicle for me to connect to with the spirits of nature that inhabit this territory, to unlearn, to underline what is already there as a symbiotic relation between forces that teaches each other life dynamics, to be able to absorb not only the time lived but the understanding of what unfolds with the most subtle gestures.

Alejandro Zertuche is a visual artist & independent arts manager, graduated in Visual Arts from UANL and is co-director of Venus Project, performance artplatform, he has presented his work in different exhibitions and performance art festivals around the world.

The merge ( action for video ), 2021 4’ 04”

Space crossed (action for video), 2021 40’ 30”

The illusion of separation, 2021-2022

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