Edition 2023

Meet Our Resident Artists – September 2023

Eve Cohen – USA – Visual arts


@pignurse (Instagram)



Artist statement and bio

Eve Cohen is a Seattle-based artist working in a variety of mediums including sculpture, collage, costume and performance.

At an early age, while thumbing through her father’s postcard collection, Eve discovered Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights. Carried away and enchanted by these images, this began her lifelong fascination with hybrid creatures, fantastic realms and obscene beauty.

In her work Eve is guided by materials already infused with history, repurposing the discarded, spent or fallen. Her desire is to discover alternative ways of telling stories, finding guidance in the surreal, DADA, folk art traditions, curious spectacles and parades. Much of her work is created through chance encounters, accidents and unexpected juxtapositions.

Eve is a frequent collaborator with Vodvil Theater, New City Theater and filmmaker Janice Findley. She is a founding member of the post-vaudevillian theater troupe the Rollvulvas, who specialize in absurd storytelling through costume magic and comedic dance. She is a teaching artist at Path with Art, whose mission is restoration of individuals through arts engagement. Recent exhibitions of Eve’s work in Seattle have been featured at Orcas Paley, Fresh Mochi and AMcE Creative Arts.

“I look forward to new inuences and inspiration that might await me in Gorna Lipnitsa. I rely on surrounding stimuli and materials at hand to steer my creative practice. I welcome chance encounters, accidents and unexpected juxtapositions. The ritual, for me, is embracing and guiding the unknown. At Old School, timeless stories could be revealed.”



Mariola Albinowska – Poland/UK – Performance 





Artist statement and bio

Mariola is a visual artist-performer who lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The merging of insight, physicality, and improvisation are the main core of the art, with the strive to fill the space and time with creative energy; through movement, gestures, and objects. The interest in the presence, the real moment of the creation are the driving forces of my art . Crossing the boundaries between life and art, are the vital attributes of the practice. Mariola uses her body as a living sculpture, which she often extends with costume or installation.

“I will start the project with contextual research by discovering the secular, religious, and folklore traditions and rites at Gorna Lipnista.

I am interested in how all the solemn have been and still are connecting people of the village. By conducting some participatory action research, I would like to become a part of the community to feel the phenomena of connectivity created through the solemn.”

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