Edition 2019

Showing of the Korean Art Project “I Want to Live In Bulgaria as You Are: Bulgarian Expedition” – this Friday, August 23rd at 7.30 pm in Community center “Zora 1887”

“I want to live in Bulgaria as you are: ‘The Bulgarian Expedition’ is the subject of our entire project.

The association, LaVie is documenting new places, culture and art, and people, through a project titled ‘I Want to Live in…’

Jessica and I first met at a meeting of the Busan Cultural Foundation in November 2016 and pledged to embark on a project together, someday. In August of 2019, I was finally able to keep that promise. The Bulgarian expedition began in January of 2019. We searched for information about places we had never been to, places unknown to Korea, and finally we chose Bulgaria.

During our stay in Gorna Lipnitsa, we managed to create an art performance and shoot two short films (Breath and Wind).


In Korean pronunciation, ‘숨’ means ‘breath’. It’s meaning is derived as ‘breath’ in English.

I think that every minute I breathe is added to achieving my whole life. And we wanted to record every moment we breathed in Bulgaria.


Life begins with two people meeting each other, and if life continues meetings and breakups continue a lifetime.

The choreographer Jessica thought it was like blowing the wind. And she tried to express it with her body. “Wind” tells the story of our lives. Just like the wind that passes by, stays by, and one day comes back.

Jessica, Junny, Yoon, and I.

We’ll pass Gorna Lipnitsa.

If we could be ‘the wind’

I hope we can be remembered for the warmth that comes with our hugs.

And I hope the time spent here can also remind such warmth for us.



In the kindergarten, full of the freshness of dawn

Eunji. Park”


All are welcome to see the films and the performance on Friday, August 23rd, at the hall of the community center at 7.30 pm.


„Association LaVie“
/4 members – Coordinator Eunji Park, Performer Yeonjeong Park, Performer Jaejun Jung and Video director Gyeong Yoon Kim/, South Korea – Performance
Eunji Park is an curator, an art critic and a director at Association LaVie from South Korea. In her view, art works are not only art works in art galleries and museums, but also creative experiences in life, which can cover graffiti, tattoos and even idol performances. Park dedicated her research to non-mainstream art practice including tattoo art and floral art and graduated with a thesis titled “A Study of Hermeneutic Phenomenology on the Life and Art of Tattoo-Artists”. Additionally, she has written articles regarding Korean boy band BTS, considering them as artists of K-pop, which is included in the Korean Wave (hallyu). Eunji Park also involves in the ecological movement, raising social discussion regarding the arising pollution issues in Korea through writing critics about the artistic practices that respond to the ecological crisis.

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