Artists 2017

Domingo Pino – Spain/Bulgaria – Visual Arts and Installations

Artists 2017

Domingo Pino – Spain/Bulgaria – Visual Arts and Installations

Domingo Pino – Spain/Bulgaria – Visual Arts and Installations/Painting

Domingo Pino is born in 1985 in Madrid (Spain). He has graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Cuenca), specializing in the fields of Plastic Arts and Graphic Design.

I enjoy working in different styles and disciplines, both plastic and digital: painting, video, illustration, collage and modeling. Although not all the works are focused on a common theme, in most of them is the idea of representing different aspects of my perceived reality. My style is very diverse by the wide spectrum of my interests and inspirations, as well as allowing me great flexibility in meeting the demands of graphic design clients.

On the formal aspect, when I start working I try not to plan the final result, but to develop the work bearing in mind the idea that motivates it. I like to experiment and try different expressive possibilities offered by the materials I work with.


THE ROAD as a Ritual


In this intervention I wanted to highlight an specific point of the environment that doesn’t draw a particular attention despite its visual interest, and that to me is somehow representative of this place. Using a deteriorated wall as a framework, I have painted on it to redefine its volumes, merging the real reference to its pictorical representation.

We use to appreciate the reality through representations -for example when a master interprets the light or paints vividly the qualities of some material- but rarely we pay that much attention to those nuances in our environments, although they contain an infinity of other aspects impossible to imitate in a two-dimensional representation. A drawing of that wall in a piece of paper can be easily appreciated if the lines are accurate to the referent in the reallity, but when the lines are directly traced over the referent, this representation looks extremely simple, and in contrast to it becomes evident the heterogeneity of the surrounding space.

The ritualistic side of the work is its process: the treatment of the wall -carefully cleaned, covered in white with different layers and redefined with lines selecting the main contours- is a personal attempt to devote attention to different qualities of the elements of a particular space: its composition, shapes, volumes, textures, materials, colors and tones, lights and shadows. What is at first an exercise of observation, with the slow process of working becames a particular understanding of the space I am working on.




In this audiovisual piece I tried to combine symbols that refers to the idea of the road.

The video shows an unknown ritual using recurring forms generated without an explicit meaning, lines that unfold in different ways and directions, figures that expand and contract to generate new geometries; all mixed harmonically to evoke and stimulate different feelings in the viewer.

The design and the animation of those figures are based on elements that refers to different ideas related to the road: triangles (directional arrows), continuous and discontinuous lines (passable and transited roads), circles (seasons and cycles) and dots (current locations and destinations).

The sound for the video was created by the bulgarian artist E.U.E.R.P.I.


The reallity, either internal or external to us, is working at different levels that can´t be understood from a single perspective. In addition it is permanently changing and developing in different ways and its perception is allways parcial, related to the moment and perspective in which the observer is.

These line crossings are marks, which can be understood as lives, or as thoughts, emotions or any other kind of perceptions.

With this video work I have tried to show visually this idea, with different traces which are
generated and flows at different levels, that converge at some points before continuing their paths, leaving a trail of their transit.

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