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We try to imagine where is the territorial conception and origin of the idea capable of transforming the world radically and where this idea may be developed this idea into a teaching /movement/.

We are on the planet Earth. There are 7 possibilities /continents/.

Among the many possibilities, it is most likely for this to happen in a place where there are accumulations of centuries-old states, empires, culture, art, philosophies, experience of world wars and revolutions, and all of these have been experienced by peoples who have intertwining history. Such a place is Europe – the second smallest continent on Earth and third by population after Africa and Asia.

Where in Europe such a philosophical concept can be implemented in real life, where there are prerequisites for it to survive and strengthen, and not be destroyed inchoate?

Our initial intuition tells us that it is most likely to happen in a place where people have kept their savagery, disobedience and connection to nature where there is no traditional political and economic stability because the order is often born in chaos and desire for change. Such a place on the continent of Europe is the Balkan Peninsula with the highest point at the Musala peak, Bulgaria.

Sources used:

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