Edition 2018


Ritual rEvolution


Theme:  Ritual rEvolution 

“We desire not the symbols of truth but the truth itself. Not the symbols of beauty, but beauty itself. Not the symbols of love, but love itself. Not the symbols of power, but power itself”


 Deadline for applying:  May 19, 2018

Dear friends,

The team of the Old School art residency is pleased to invite you to participate in the 8-th edition of residency – Ritual rEvolution, 2018. Within ten days the building of the ex-school will shelter artists from different nations who will create art together with the idea of working in a new environment.

Dates of activity: August 3-13, 2018

Place: Gorna Lipnitsa village, Bulgaria

Theme: Ritual rEvolution

The work of the artists during the residency will be organized on the basis of previously prepared written materials in which the REVOLUTION will be presented as an artistic mechanism aimed at a fundamental change of the existing governance.

The creative revolution is basically a revolution of the spirit that leads to a political, social, economic and cultural revolution. People of the creative spirit are not revolutionaries in the socio-mechanical sense of the word. Their revolution is incomprehensibly more radical, indigenous, organic.

For more revolutionary information visit:

1. Ritual Revolution

2. Initial Intuition as Creative Evolution

3. I Create

The disciplines for participation this year are:

1. Painting

2. Performance

3. Visual arts and installations

4.  Music

5.  Wall-painting

6.  Photography

7.  Land art

8.  Short films

Festival program 

The program for the residency during 2018 is organized like a festival (fiesta and celebration) and will include plenty of events, connected to the theme – Ritual rEvolution  – like performances, concerts, school for children, cinema nights, lectures, meetings, activities in the nature, visiting of cultural destinations and more.

The Residency provides:

Food and accommodation for the participants;

Workspace – indoor workshops and a photo studio, open air space for work, film and concert salon;

Materials for work;

Written materials on the topic;

Free Wi-Fi;

Contact with the local community;

Organized transport during the residency /if needed/;

Letters of invitation and other support to help you raise additional funds;


Parallel program, connected with the theme of the residency;

Sightseeing in the region;

Media coverage of the event;

Certificate for participation;

Closing exhibition at the end of the residency;

Presentation of the participants and their works through an online exhibition.


Expenses paid by the artists: travel expenses to Gorna Lipnitsa. 


Terms of application:

Each candidate should send us:

–  CV

–  Information about the selected discipline;

–  The artists should present their works by sending info about website, portfolio or images;

– Short description of the initial idea for participating in the residency connected with the theme /optional/.

Note that it is desirable for the participants to stay for the entire period of the residency.

E-mail for application: oldschoolresidence@gmail.com

Selection of participants: Participants will be selected by jury.

Number of participants: up to 8 (eight) artists

Administrative fee for processing applications: € 10

Method of payment: You can pay through PayPal – https://www.paypal.me/Oldschoolresidency/10.


Deadline for applying:  May 19, 2018

Results announcing: 9 – 21 May, 2018


Schedule of the main activities:

03.08.2018 /Friday/ – Arrival;

04.08.2018 /Saturday/ – Opening;

10.08.2018 /Friday/ – Public lecture/ Concert;

11.08.2018 /Saturday/ – Closing Exhibition;

12.08.2018 /Sunday/ – Curator tour;

13.08.2018 /Monday/ – Leaving the residency.


The Old school art residency

Community center Zora -1887

Development for Gorna Lipnitsa Association

Gorna Lipnitsa Municipality

with the financial support of Pavlikeni Municipality


The residency on Facebook – Old School Residence Gorna Lipnitsa

More info about Gorna Lipnitsa: http://www.gornalipnitsa.com/en/home

The Old School residency is a member of the international network Res Artis.



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