Edition 2018

2. Initial Intuition for Creative Evolution

„Every man and every woman is a Creator“



I create…                You create…             She/He creates…

I create the I. 

Creativity is a process of circularity. In the beginning, I create myself. In the middle I create myself. I also create myself at the end. The basis for our creation is designed as a framework of our land, nation, kind and family, but it is YOU who paints on the canvas in the frame. This is what you learn, read, see, dream, the accidents and intentions, revolutions, the love – all this directs how you paint on the canvas. The important thing is to realize that you are the Creator and the Canvas at the same time. Take everything from yourself and find everything around you to perform the ritual of creation and to create yourself, aiming for perfection in every detail, knowing that this is impossible.

Creating yourself reaches a stage where you can begin a second parallel creative process.


We create…             You create…             They create…

I create the WE. We create the I.

The Human who has created her/himself may create Partnership.

Partnership as a creative product is the minimalist community at the heart of any major society.

The Human/Artist who has created partnership may create a Local community or a Group.

The Local community is the smaller version of the bigger politically organized community /the State/.

The Artist who has created a Group may create a State.

The Artist who has created a State may create a Union of States.

The Artist who has created a Union of States may create a World.

The Artist who has created a World may create a Universe.

The Artist who has created a Universe may create Her/Himself.






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