Edition 2022

Meet our resident artist – September 2022 – Sarah E Philips (USA) – Land art and photographic works




Sarah Phillips is a multi-media artist from Harrisonburg, Virginia.  She earned her BFA in Art (photography and painting,) and BA in scenic design at James Madison University in 2017, and an MFA in Intermedia Studies, also from JMU. in 2020, she completed a CAS Arts and International cooperation at the Zurich University of the Arts in Zurich, Switzerland. She has shown work across Virginia, Washington, DC, Rome, Italy, and has done mural projects in Illinois, Bucharest, Romania, Virginia, and Panama, and is a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts 2019-2020 Fellow.

This is Sarah’s second visit to the residence, following her participation last year. During her stay in October 2021, she created a series of photographs under the title Acolytes for a New World

“For this series, I chose to take photographs in found in-between spaces in the community, acting as acolyte, sanctifying them with fire via candles, if only temporarily.  I drew from imagery from my own religious upbringing in the Southern United States—that of sacrament, chosen or imposed blindness, and water, while acknowledging the status of fire, fate, and future in regional legends and folklore—and, of course, ritual.”

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