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Birgitta Volz and Joanna Pottle – closing show – 27th of August / Saturday/ 2022 at 6 pm

We are delighted to announce the closing exhibition of The Old school art residency – August 2022 that will take place this Saturday, 27th of August at the school.

In the show, you will see the artworks of our participating artists this month Birgitta Volz from Germany and Joanna Pottle from the US.
Birgitta Volz is a German artist currently living and working in India. She works with wood and stone prints, opening the door to a new world, invisible to the eye, for the viewer. In this sense, she is a magical translator who masters the language of nature and draws us into its mysterious flow.
“I choose some of the local stones to work with, because they seemed to me the most characteristic element in the area. Some were really calling me and exactly those manifested even some element of the local myths.”
What images can we see in the bark of a tree? What fantastic creatures watch us from the surface of a stone?
You can learn some of the answers if you come to the exhibition this Saturday.
Joanna Pottle is an American visual artist, researcher, educator, and curator, currently living in Poland. As she describes herself, she is a visual storyteller. Or perhaps more accurately, a mediator in truth-telling. “I create new narratives that put to rest familiar, desperately held onto lies, representing existing truths, and engaging in alternative archival processes to preserve past pains and joys.”
Saturday’s exhibit will feature several of her works, including a memoir landscape in which she combines painting, pastels, ink, charcoal, found materials including maps and slides from projects. The landscape is inspired by Bulgaria’s cultural heritage, landscape and myths, as well as the past practice of not listing the female child in historical family trees. “I have included some fragments of maps of Bulgaria and anonymous portraits of Bulgarian women in an attempt to create an artistic memory of the many unknown or forgotten women of the past and to weave them back into the landscape and into our consciousness through artistic intervention.”
We will end the exhibition with a glass of wine and a conversation with Joanna and Birgitta.
All are welcome!
Place: The building of the school.
Time: Saturday, 27th of August at 6 pm.

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