Edition 2013

We would like to express our gratitude to all donors of The Old School residency in 2013

And this year the Old School Residency in Gorna Lipnitsa – which takes place from 16th to 25th of August –  is included in the cultural program of Pavlikeni municipality for 2013.

In addition  of the financial support provided by  Pavlikeni municipality, other donors  for this event are PP Gerb – Veliko Tarnovo, Cooperation of local farmers in Gorna Lipnitsa,  Miroslav Marinov from Pavlikeni , Drumi Aleksandrov and Gencho Nedkov  – Gorna Lipnitsa. The materials for the artists are provided with the financial support of The Gaudentz B.Ruf Award.

Thanks to them guests of the village and the region are foreign and Bulgarian artists who create art in several art disciplines – painting, visual arts and installations,  performance and wall painting. Their works are going to be presented in the closing exhibition of the art residence, which will be open on the 24th of August.

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