“Unity”, 2018 by Payel Sutradhar, India/France




 The word “Ritual” always comes with ‘our’ – ‘our ritual’. So Ritual united us to walk on the same path. In our present, it will be a great opportunity to know the reaction of the other people, because this notion is connected with our society and mythology.

In the process of my work, I made a ladder with old clothes of village people. Collecting the old clothes was not easy. That experience made me believe that nowadays most of us have forgotten to share and sharing is one of the most important rituals of every culture. I made a path with objects collected from Gorna Lipnitsa because those objects are very familiar to the village people and they can connect with them very easy. It’s made by different objects but it gives us opportunity to walk together and the sounds that come from our path for me is ‘the sound of unity’. ‘Suedinenieto pravi silata’ /”Unity makes strength”/ – I used the national motto of Bulgaria because it says exactly what I want to represent through my work. At the end of the ladder I put on a mirror which is the symbol of zenith.

I believe that unity can transform our world into paradise.

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