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Three transactions with beauty: Three actions of love – A Dance Performance of Candice Salyers in Gorna Lipnitsa on the 27th of July, Saturday – from 7 pm.

Inspired by her visit to the church in Gorna Lipnitsa, this slow-movement meditation is accompanied by the music of 11th century saint Hildegard von Bingen. It combines 2 types of dance—one that is recognized as an ancient tradition (Sama) and one that is a contemporary dance choreographed during the residency. The dance styles interweave to create an embodied prayer and to bring past, present, and future together in a continuous circle.

The performance installation offers audiences a space for slowing down, listening, and letting go. Candice was further inspired by learning a bit about the Bulgarian tradition of Провиране /Provirane – Squeezing through/.

“While the intention of my performing is not physical healing, I do hope to generate a space of positive energy that helps to heal and soften hearts. Each cycle of the dance ritual lasts 16 minutes and many cycles will be performed, but visitors are welcome to stay for as little or as long as you want.

A short dance film will be shown in a separate room, which incorporates part of the performance practice. This film was inspired by the Old School Residence and what a special place it is for creating thoughtful, ritual art in the midst of our challenging contemporary world.”

Place: The Performance will take place in the building of the school in Gorna Lipnitsa – 2nd floor.

Time: Starts at 7 pm.


„For the past 20 years, I have created site-specific performances in various settings – including downtown alleyways, abandoned factories, open fields, bridges, libraries, stages, and national parks. Creating and performing dances in different combinations of landscape and architectural space allows audiences to have a variety of interactions with both the movement and the environment, and also helps me as an artist to recognize how humans are an important but small part of a much larger picture.“

Candice Salyers, USA – Performance


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