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The Old school art residency presents SЕLIN GöKSEL– a multimedia artist from Turkey/Spain – this Saturday, 23th of October at 5 pm

“The Earth Under My Feet”

Painting and Sculpture Installation; acrylic paintings, wire sculptures with film slides showing Tracian artifacts and ancient Bulgaria, in different dimentions, 2021

While living in Gorna Lipnitsa, I sensed the power of nature deeply, I experienced the simplicity and the beauty of the fertile fields. The  hay-bales became the important protagonists  in my paintings and in my sculpture as the protectors of the lands. Unfortunately,  if our  goverments don’t support the fertile grounds and the farmers, those places are at risk of becoming blocks of cement apartments for the future civilizations. I wanted to indicate

that by adding cement into my sculptures and hope to show the cold side of industrialization.

The installation art is based on earth, fire, water and the air that surrounds us. There are landscape paintings with my way of interpretation through the inspirations of Gorna Lipnitsa, and there are three wire transparent sculptures.  There is the fire as an important figure to keep us warm and alive, earth as an essential figure to represent the fertility, growing our food from the ground and water as a baby figure that represents the beginning of life in a womb.  The necesity of water for human and ground made this piece a core piece of the artwork. As a whole, this process represents the life cycle for me.

Printing on Random Pages from a Dictionary”

Lino print on French-Bulgarian Dictionary pages. 2021

While walking around the school I found a French-Bulgarian dictionary— both languages I am not able to to understand. So I made a performance by selecting a word for which I guessed the meaning of based on my knowledge of other languages. Then by ripping those pages randomly I printed lino prints on them and named every print with the chosen word from that page.

Selin Goksel  – Turkey/Spain

I am a multi-media artist, who was born in Istanbul, in 1978, and decided to pursue a career in fine arts after training to be a dental technician. I am a free-lance art teacher and art therapy techniques instructor. I got my bachelors degree in Fine Arts (Painting, Sculpting and Ceramics) at Yeditepe University (İstanbul, Turkey) and graduated in 2005. I got my masters degree in Art Education from Marmara University (İstanbul, Turkey) at 2010. Since 2019, I am a member of Art Psychoterapies Association Turkey.


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