Open Call – Star Rituals, 2014



Gorna Lipnitsa, August 2014


Theme: Star rituals



Dear friends, 

Development for Gorna Lipnitsa Association together with Gorna Lipnitsa Municipality is pleased to invite you to participate in the fifth edition of The Оld School Art Residency – 2014. Within one week the building of the ex-school will shelter artists from different nations, who will create art together, with the idea of working in a new environment. 


Dates of activity: 14 – 24 August 2014

Place: Gorna Lipnitsa village, Bulgaria

Theme: Star rituals

The work of the artists, during their stay in the art residency will be organized on the basis of previously prepared materials, which will represent various rituals connected with the stars and the Universe. The ritual is an action or series of actions focused to achieve a particular goal.

As a starting point for work in the residency will be used beliefs and rituals of the Thracian tribes who lived from II century BC on the territory of Bulgaria and especially the Thracian tribe Crobyzi. They are large Getic sub-tribe who lived on the lands of northern Bulgaria – between the Athrys (modern Yantra river), the lower Oescus (modern Iskar river) and the Póntos Eúxeinos (modern Black Sea) – including the territory of Gorna Lipnitsa.

The crobyzi believed that they are children of the universe and had strong faith in the immortality of the soul and its merging harmoniously with nature and the cosmos. That’s why they built their necropolises as materialization of the constellations and the Milky Way –the route of the soul to immortality. The Crobyzi worshipped Zalmoxis who was the sole priest, king and god of the Getae and who, according to Herodotus, taught them the belief in immortality.

One of the possible working places for the artists will be the Thracian mounds near the village of Gorna Lipnitsa.

The disciplines for participation in the 2014 are:

  1. Painting
  2. Wood sculpture
  3. Photography
  4. Visual arts and installations
  5. Wall-painting
  6. Music
  7. Performance
  8. Short movies


The Residency provides:

Food and places of accommodation for participants;

Workspace – indoor workshops and photo studio, open air space for work, movie and concert salon;

Materials for work;

Organized transportation during the residence /if needed/;

Free internet connection;

Contact with the local community;

Letters of invitation and other support to enable you to raise additional funds;


Parallel program, connected with the theme of the residence;

A closing exhibition in the end of the residence;

Media coverage of the event;

Presentation of the participants and their works through online exhibition;

Certificate for participation.


Expenses paid by artist: travel expenses to Gorna Lipnitsa.


Terms of application:

Each candidate should send us:

–          CV

–          the name of the selected discipline;

–          an actual link to website or portfolio with works.

In case you have a specific idea for participating in the residence, you could describe it in short.

Note that it is desirable for the participants to stay for the entire period of the residence.


Selection of participants:

Participants will be selected by jury.



Administrative fee for processing applications: 5 euro.


Method of payment:

You can pay through PayPal here:


Number of participants: up to 8 (eight) artists

Deadline for applying: 30 May 2014

Results announcing: 10-17 June 2014


E-mail for candidatures:


Schedule of the main activities:

15.08. Friday – opening of the residency;

23.08. Saturday – closing exhibition;

24.08. Sunday – leaving the residency;


You can find more information about the residency here:

and Facebook – Old School Residence Gorna Lipnitsa

More info about Gorna Lipnitsa:


The Old School residency is a member of the international network Res Artis.