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The Participants in The Old School Residency – Star rituals, 2014

Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut – Poland – Painting

Agata Czeremuszkin is a painter who lives in Warsaw, Poland.  She studied  Painting at the Academy of the Fine Arts in Wroclaw. She has participated in several art events in Europe and North America. Her paintings can be found in many private collections in Belgium, Great Britain, Poland, Austria and United states.

“Painting is my main tool of describing the world, it serves its glorification or sometimes negation. Simultaneously, my actions constitute of a record of emotions and observations, often subconsious, expressive, and very intuitive ones. They oscillate around a person, his or her dependence on others, mutual influences, constraints, or manipulations. I am interested in life, energy, the body and all biological processes…and fascinated by that which has its own anatomy, weight, scale, heat. In the step-by-step process of their transformation body images are deformed and deconstructed so they can be assembled anew. I strive for simplification of form.

In art, I value freedom above all – my own and that of the recipient. I avoid over intellectualization, I don’t pierce my art with a gibberish relay of socially or politically correct information. I also leave viewer with the freedom of interpretation. I don’t try to be literal, I leave most things unanswered often by choosing a suggestive title – still enigmatic, but slightly directing the viewer to my train of thought.”

„I would like my pictures to look as if a human being had passed between them, like a snail, leaving a trail of the human presence and memory trace of past events, as the snail leaves its slime.” Francis Bacon




Manuel Garibay – Mexico – Painting/Wall-painting

Manolo Garibay is a painter who lives and works in Mexico City.

He studied Fine Arts at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM). Garibay has been involved in more than thirty collective exhibitions in different venues of Mexico and Europe.

Garibay also has a major participation in the performance scene with audiovisual projects. He worked with the artists collective Live-cinema Trinchera Ensamble with performances in different forums. He has also created a Visual Concert with the RIO avant-prog group LA PERRA a performance in which real time painting, drawing, animation and video share syn-esthetic presence with the live musicians. This Visual Concert has had over 50 shows since 2007 in different venues and festivals throughout Mexico.

Manolo Garibay is a founder of the artist collective Luz y Fuerza Expanded Cinema. The group produces workshops and installations that consist in creating handmade technology to project analog image. In 2013 the collective received the Support Program for Production and Investigation in Art and Media of the Multimedia Center for executing the project BICINEETICO, which consist in producing four installations of projection systems with energy generated by bicycles.




Bianca Tschaikner – Austria/Spain – Painting

Bianca Tschaikner is an Austrian-born illustrator and printmaker with a nomadic spirit, currently living in Northern Spain. She studied Media Design at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg and used her exchange semester in Santiago de Chile for extensive travels around the South American continent.

After having finished her studies, she went to live in Tangier, Morocco, traveled through India, Central and South East Asia and finally moved to Florence to study printmaking at Il Bisonte. She is currently living in Betanzos, Northern Spain, where she is studying printmaking at Fundación CIEC.

In her work she deals a lot with stars, constellations, travel, history, ancient cultures and mythology. She is also a hobby astronomer and have some knowledge about the stars. Besides that, she loves exploring the world with her sketchbook on hand.




Paloma Ayala – Mexico/Switzerland – Wall Painting

Paloma Ayala, native of Mexico, studied her BFA at the University of Monterrey Mexico, (2002, UdeM).

She lived in Rochester NY (USA) from 2005-10, teaching and developing her artwork. Paloma is currently living in Switzerland, where she actively works with European artists on different projects, and continues to pursue her interest in instructing Visual Arts to children along with communities in need.

She has participated in exhibitions in the U.S. (Buffalo and Rochester), Canada (Quebec), Switzerland (Zurich and Baden), Slovenia, and Mexico (Mexico).

Paloma is also the founder and organizer of ExpoTranskultur, a project that focuses on reflecting and dialoguing about migratory issues through Art and other perspectives.

Her artwork is intended to awake a personal sense of self-consciousness through the continuous study of the human body, which is essential inspiration and appears in almost all series. The images address issues of identity, gender and moral, the physicality of the body combined with myths and stories, and human-beast transformations. Recent works deal with adaptation, translation, and transformation issues.




Posie Currin & Avalon Kalin – U.S. – Visual arts and Installations

Avalon Kalin and Posie Currin are professional artists and educators living in Portland OR. Kalin is a DIY philosopher who creates anti-situationist art. He was the co-author of The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal film produced by Matt Mccormick and the studied under the first Social Practice MFA program with Harrell Fletcher at Portland State University.

Currin’s work engages esoteric, ritual, and abstract poetics as strategies and directives for production. She has exhibited nationally including NYC, LA, Las Vegas, and Chicago and internationally and has participated several artist in residencies in the past.





Yana Drumeva Bulgaria/Italy – Visual arts and Installations

Yana Drumeva works in the area of Decoration and Installations. She graduated the National Academy of Fine Arts  of Sofia– Mural Painting, later graduated a Master in the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna – Decoration for architecture. Currently she works in the area of site specific installations and art in urban environment. One of her favourite materials is the hand made felt. She will use it also during the art residence.
“I’m a nomad in search of new places and inspirations. Every place is a new challenge and my aim (and mission) is to make it more beautiful, better, more creative and more real”.




Robert Foster – U.K. – Performance

Robert Foster is a performance artist, who lives in London.

“I am interested in the tragicomic, and the way it is possible to present the audience with a proposition that can be viewed as light-hearted, or something more sinister, in order to prompt questions of spectatorship. Frequently, work manifests itself as performances that focus on repeated actions and utilise a theatrical register, in an attempt to emphasize the tension between reality and representation inherent to these gestures. The outcomes are inspired by the Theatre Of The Absurd, and the dialectic of failure and improvement inherent to slapstick comedy.”  



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We would like to thank all of the artists who applied for The Old School Residency – Star rituals, 2014.


Program of The Old School Residency -STAR RITUALS, Gorna Lipnitsa village, 14 – 24 August 2014


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