“I came out of LOVE”, 2018 by Vaiana Tasheva – Bulgaria


I came out of LOVE.



I came out of Love. I live within Love. It is Love to which I come back.

Once upon a time there was a Spirit. She came out of love and love she was carrying. Her Force she sourced from Earth and she was giving it as a gift to the Cosmos, because our mission here is to give love, she was thinking. Besides Love, this Spirit was carrying one Idea with her, she has been carrying it for a long time, she has been observing it up in the sky how it turns into figures, into shadows of spirits, how it transforms, rotates, dances, suffers, screams joyfully, breathes, flies up and down, because this is what Ideas do – they move, led by the aspiration for change and, soon or later, if the fire of the spirits is strong enough, they attain visible outlines.

Love and change is what this world needs, the Spirit was thinking and was proceeding her walk on the Road – barefooted, with stretched hand towards the stars (this hand was just waiting for the moment when it will clench into a fist), and bravery. Bravery, because she knew that everyone, who seeks, should be very brave and fearless. And strong. Lots of Force and Will is needed in order to close your eyes and sacrifice yourself in the name of the Idea, to not look aside and to not sacrifice others…

The song “I came out of Love.” draws life as a ritual in eight minutes, the evolution of an Idea from its birth, from the womb, from the earth, out of love. It visualizes Revolution like a small fire in time, which is important to be seen (like an endless field full with countless fireflies, flickering and glimmering in the moonless night). This is the story about the free choice, about the Will, the desire for change, the necessities of the Spirit.

We create ourselves by ourselves and we walk on our road to the Cosmos, led by ourselves.

I am You, You are Me. We are.

I came out of Love. I live within Love. It is Love to which I come back.

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