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Astrid Vlasman – closing show – this Friday, 29th of July at 6 pm

We are delighted to announce the closing exhibition of The Old school art residency – July 2022 that will take place this Friday, 29th of July in the community center.

In the show, you will see the artworks of our participating artist this month Astrid Vlasman, a painter from Holland.

The first part of the exhibition will take place in the building of the community center “Zora 1887” in the village. There, Astrid will present the painting she made of the community center and give it to librarian Nadia to be hung in the community center building.

Here is the artist’s concept for creating this piece:

“During my introduction to the village, I also ended up in the community center. I was surprised at the multifunctionality of the building. There is everything a community can bring together; a meeting place, a library, theater and museum. Great to come across that in a village and that it is being put to such good use. It’s great that even the children can get their books here in the long summer. In order to make my connection with the people in the village, I started to copy it from paper with the intention of having it hung here, in the community center. That in this way I also added something to the community here, shows my connection and that my arrival has not been invisible. I hope that the work can hang here for years to come and that the villagers realize how important such a building is. During the event, I bring my community building to the actual community building and officially hand it to librarian Nadia.”

In the second part of the event, we will move into the school building, into Astrid’s studio, where we will see the rest of the artwork she has created over the past two weeks: Missing children, Voda, Making a woman and Morning pages, evening moves.

We will end the exhibition with a glass of wine and a conversation with Astrid.

All are welcome!


Place:The community center in Gorna Lipnitsa/the building of the school.

Time: Friday, 29th of July at 6 pm.

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