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„Wind Rose“ – Land Art Performance – Plamen Petrov and the Children

The village of Gorna Lipnitsa has an interesting geoglyph on the local stadium «Republican». It is part of the exhibition «Generation I Create» 2022, which opens today, 06.08.2022 /Saturday/ at 6 pm, in the yard of the school in the village.

This is how the authors describe their work:

«In the lawn of an area of 6,400 m2, according to insiders, is depicted the symbol «Rose of the Winds». It is similar to the world-famous crop circles, which are also called agrofigures because they are made on crops, sand, snow or ice.

The phenomenon known as «crop circles,» dating from August 22, 1678, is preserved and described in an issue of an English newspaper as the work of a «devil reaper» or also as a «devil’s dance,» and represents trampled grass in a particular shape.

Such complex figures appear near ancient buildings and archaeological sites. Some believe they are spiritually significant and an expression of the Earth’s collective soul. Modern science openly admits that it is helpless when it comes to explaining the appearance of crop circles and believes that they are not the work of our civilization. For more than 40 years the vast English fields have been favoured by extraterrestrial messengers attempting to communicate with our underdeveloped civilisation. The motives for their creation are also unclear and therefore give rise to much controversy and doubt. Who created them and how remains a mystery to this day.

Why and how did this geoglyph «Rose of the Winds» appear in a small village in Veliko Tarnovo? Its stadium is located next to the local river Yalia, along the banks of which lived part of the ancient Thracian tribe » Krobyzoi».

In heraldry, the rose of the winds is the symbol of the compass in the form of a stylized star. It is a vector diagram that in meteorology and climatology characterizes the wind regime at a given location by many years of observations and research. The wind rose, in addition to air currents and wind direction, can also indicate the frequency of winds by a particular attribute – day, month, year, as well as wind strength, wind duration (minutes per day, minutes per hour).

So far so good, but there’s also the fact that a company of R. Gaitansky wants to build a stone wool production plant in the village of Varbovka, which will secure its energy by burning over 1100 tons of household waste per day. This means that over 420 000 tons of waste per year will arrive from all over the country and will be burned on the territory of the municipality of Pavlikeni and the damage will be within a radius of 50-60 km. Gorna Lipnitsa is only 18 km. by air from this ecological bomb and what will happen then with this rose of the winds in central North Bulgaria? It will be totally altered, the climate would change, the air will be poisoned, and so will the water and the soil. The roses, flowers and shrubs of which the Pavlikeni region is so proud of and famous for as a world-class producer will be destroyed.

Is this not a message from a higher mind? Or perhaps a warning to the investors who do not realise what the consequences will be. We expect the investigation to continue and to shed some light on how and why this geoglyph got here.»

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