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Egregore – conceptual installation by Christine Schröder – Puerto Rico/USA

Christine Schröder – Puerto Rico/USA – Visual arts

@yarn_artist (Instagram)


Artist statement and bio 

I am a Puerto Rico based conceptual installation artist working primarily with textiles and fibers. I will be continuing my education this August at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Masters of Design, Fashion, Body & Garment program under the direction of Nick Cave. In addition to this beautiful residency in Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria, I recently participated in a residency at Palazzo Machiavelli in Florence, Italy where I filled four rooms with my concept of the matrix, which I believe to be an extension of Niccolo Machiavelli’s intention of waking up the masses from their slavery. Although most of my work to date has been using the method of crochet, I intend to expand my self-taught art discipline to include other materials as well as methods as I continue in this journey.

Many of my pieces, which are in urban areas, I remove after months of exposure to the elements of the weather.  After I remove my pieces, I then wash and re-use the yarn for other installations.  As a conceptual artist, it is with intention that I use concepts, which pose a question to the observer; or even beg the viewer to understand another perspective with regard to the thought process in the installation.

Title:  Egregore

The meaning of the word Egregore is that it’s a collective mindset for people, which can manifest into an entity.  I am using it as a whole for the entire world population, which is in our aether, so that everyone in the entire world is thinking that we will evolve and lift ourselves up and out of slavery.

My name is Christine M. Schroder and the intention of most of my work is conceptual and my aim is to visually communicate awareness and visibility of the mind.  My pieces are messages, visually expressed through installations.  I am an evolutionary.  I am THE (meaning theo = God) messenger.

This installation here at The Old School Residency consists of 9 pieces in total so far.  If there is enough time, I plan to create another piece outside.

The theme of this residency is “Listen to your voice, connect with others, create your world.”

Conceptually, my first two pieces are inside the old school building.  This symbolizes the “listen to your voice” part of the theme.

Piece #1:

Title:  An Act of Creation; the Zygote of a Bulgarian Education, circa 1961.

Concept:  The empty chairs are the colors of the Bulgarian flag and symbolize students whose minds will be given a narrative… which is the “creation’ as symbolized by the 23 + 23 = 46 chromosomes represented by the fibers.  I specifically attached the fibers to these beautiful windows inside the Principal’s office because Bulgaria is such a beautiful country and nature is a substantial part of the lives here.  The two large trees right outside of these windows are a linden tree and a white birch tree.  Additionally, I have included a large photograph of the first communistic leader of Bulgaria, Georgi Dimitrov with his mother.  I painted the international symbol for “No Signal” on his entire face (ears, eyes, mouth) which signifies that he was not able to discern information for himself.  He was given a narrative.  Also, on his mother’s face, I painted with rose colored water color, her eyes glazed over, and her mouth with an over-emphasized smile.  My intention for her visual is to show her complacency with the actions of her son; and ultimately, acceptance of her boy and his actions.

Piece #2

Title:  Knowledge / Crossing the Newel Post

Concept:  Crossing the newel post is an expression referring to crossing from one world to another, as in from the dead to the living or, the world of believing to the world of knowledge.  Belief is the enemy of knowing.  In this piece, I am visually expressing my interpretation of what the importance of truth and knowledge are to our world.  What one learns about the truths of our world is an internal process and with each individual, that knowledge is a prism in how it affects individuals and ultimately the world.  I know that with every action there are always threads of energy that attach to people and their actions moving forward.


Moving outside, pieces #3, #4, #5, #6 all relate to the “Connect with others” part of the theme.

Piece #3

Title:  De-calcification of the Pineal Gland / Ritual Art


Concept:  The ritual-art act of washing the forehead with water before entering through the black door signifies that humanity must understand that the only war we are in is against humanity.  As people walk through the black door, they will be entering the world of reality.   The act of washing their foreheads symbolizes the importance of being present and aware of the black magic rituals we have been born into; without our knowledge.

We are living in a 4D chess game, but very few people are aware of this.  As the ancient Chinese military general Sun Tzu stated in his book “The Art of War”, Know Your Enemy is paramount in order to play the game and win.

We are in this world, but we are not “of” this world.

Piece #4

Title:  Architecture of the Nightmare

Concept:  As people walk into the circular space within the trees of the forest, I ask them to find a spot where they can see an “x”.  The symbolic motion of walking until they can actually see an “x” is an action of working so that they can understand and see with their mind.  The war that we are in is all about biology.  Our biology.  The holy grail of our existence is our biology and property rights of the earliest parts of our biology.

There are 3 crimes committed at our port of entry:  An act of mayhem (the un-natural cutting of our umbilical cord); larceny (our extra-embryonic feto-maternal organ is taken from us at the hospital); and genocide (our extra-embryonic feto-maternal organ is left to die).  From this act of cutting our cords, a decedent estate is created by the State / church (acting as one).  These estates are bonds and traded as securities in the world banking system.  The entire ecumenical (Christian) economy is built on this act (which is the original sin).

Since 1582, we have been living in the Gregorian calendar, which is owned by the Vatican.  Everything we do is within their timeline.  Everything.  They are the authors of time.  As the author of time, everything we create (as characters within their story) belongs to the Vatican.

The material used to create this piece is with jersey sport material, to symbolize the sport that is being played in this game of our lives.  I also used fishing line to attach the material symbolizing that we are “caught” in this trap.

Piece #5

Title:  The Duality Created

Concept:  To visually see what happens at our port of entry, I have painted this swing set, desk and dolls with two colors.  This symbolizes the two characters created from the un-natural act which happens at our port of entry.  They create a fictional character from our dying feto-maternal organ.  We become characters in their fictional story.  It’s like the film “The Truman Show”.  With this act, we become the creditor and the debtor.  The fictional character is the debtor.  The living man is the creditor.  We are both.

With the cut, the State and church acting as one create a debtor / creditor duality with our own biology – when this event happens we are cut off or decapitated from our direct link to God and our biology is placed on deposit into a trust.

Piece #6

Title:  Time, Religion and Money are Man-Made Constructs

Concept:  This is a Morse code piece and the message is used as a distress signal.  Morse code is usually used in times when no other form of communication is feasible.  My message is a call to the universe to wake-up and understand that we are living in the time warp of the Gregorian calendar.

I used the colors of fluorescent neon yellow, which is a color used to signify “Danger” and the color black symbolizing the dark world we are born into without our knowledge.

We are all only in the present always.  There is no past until we have our last expiration.


Continuing outside, pieces #7, #8, #9 relate to the “Create your world” part of the theme.

Piece #7

Title:  Un-Cut

Concept:  The dress I created was created using a motif which has 40 circles in it.  Although I am not aware of all of the symbolism behind the number 40 in the Bulgarian culture, I do know that the etymology always goes back to the cycle for women.  Additionally, I left all of the ends of the motifs “un-cut” which is a statement I am declaring:  I AM UN-CUT.

I will ask everyone to recite this phrase with me:



Piece #8

Title:  Ascension of the WHOLE Man; All Present and Accounted for from Fertilization Until Last Expiration


Concept:  All of the clues to this game that we are forced into being participants in are in the bible.  The bible which contains all the rules for the game, was created, authored and copyrighted by the Vatican.

From the King James Version Bible:  Luke 5: 31 They that are whole need not a physician.  This specific script tells us that if we are whole, we do not need to be a part of their game.  This is the most important clue in the bible.

The holy grail of our existence comes down to our biology and property.  Where is the earliest / oldest part of your biology?  If you were born in a hospital, it was taken from you.  It was presumed that you did not want it… so that extra-embryonic feto-maternal organ was given a birthday and a birth certificate… created, authored and copyrighted by the State.

Linden trees symbolize many beliefs especially in Eastern European and Slavic countries.  Some say they hold the link between life and death.

My concept here is visually expressing the whole (white) man rising.  The color white = whole = health.


Piece #9

Title:  Create your Own Energy, Vibration, Frequency

Concept:  A visualization of how energy, vibration and frequency physically moves in our aether.  We cannot “see” it, because this dynamic is not opaque.  But, we can definitely feel energy, vibration and frequencies.  We are surrounded by them.

My personal opinion is that politics is another distraction for the masses.   We have been given politics so that government (dark energy) can continue.   All we really need to do is focus on our frequencies and have a currency which is based on intention, purpose and energy.  We also need to declare that the state cannot continue using our biology, because we are still using our biology.


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