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Artist statement and Bio

Simon Pfeiffer stucks, stucking in the magic of the surrounding. He is standing, looking around. To the field, feeling the sensation, standing around. Studied in Linz and in Sofia. Living there and here. He is starting, starting on the end. Be on the endless land. He likes to go hiking in the world, which surrounds him. Wanders around like a dog, finding up his art in the process. Each medium has its own language and reveals something different. He takes this language and changes it. This process creates new dimensions. What is created helps him express what he can’t put into words. It persists without him, stimulates the viewer mentally and emotionally, depending on the perception of each individual.

I was born in Linz (AT) in 1997, and I am studied Sculpture and transmedial space at Kunstuniversität Linz with Ali Janka und Tobias Urban (Art group Gelitin) and at National Academy of Art Sofia in the sculpture column with Prof. Valentin Gospodinov. Before I did my civilian service at the ambulance, where I work voluntarily. I learned my sculpting trade at the School HTBLA Hallstatt, Upper Austria.

Looking back, I realised that my work deals with Subconscious or/and Absurdity, with works that are not visible, that hide, that play with negative spaces and the Visitors. You are going somewhere, suddenly there is somewhat that you didn’t expect. I make this Paradoxy tangible manly with handcraft techniques. I work in the medium of stone, plaster, iron. But also, with sound and video, text or Papier magé etc.

Tell me! Don’t stop!

Performance, Sandstone

71x42x1.5cm; 15min

2023 in Gorna Lipnitsa, Community Center

Simon Pfeiffer

„Come on stage with me. Let’s change the outworn shibboleths. Let’s initiate the new. Let us wait for the curtain to rise for us. Let’s stay confident. It’s going to be heavy, crackly, like I would break out of an egg, and wavy like our landscape here.


Tell me! Don’t stop! Performance, Sandstone

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