Edition 2023

Christine Schröder /Puerto Rico/USA/ and Simon Pfeiffer – Austria closing show – this Saturday, 29th of July at 6 pm

We are delighted to announce the closing exhibition of The Old School art residency – July 2023 that will take place this Saturday, 29th of July at the school.

In the show, you will see the artworks of our participating artists this month Christine Schröder – Puerto Rico/USA and Simon Pfeiffer – Austria

Christine is a Puerto Rico based conceptual installation artist working primarily with textiles and fibers.

“My aim is to visually communicate awareness and visibility of the mind.  My pieces are messages, visually expressed through installations.  I am an evolutionary. I am THE (meaning theo = God) messenger

The installation I will be presenting at the closing exhibition at the Old School Art Residency consists of 9 individual works that I created on site during my stay in Gorna Lipnitsa.

The title of my work is Egregore. The meaning of the word Egregore is that it’s a collective mindset for people, which can manifest into an entity.  I am using it as a whole for the entire world population, which is in our aether, so that everyone in the entire world is thinking that we will evolve and lift ourselves up and out of slavery.“

What Christine’s message is to all of us, the viewers, is yet to be discovered in a memorable experience in the upcoming exhibition.

Simon Pfeiffer was born in Linz (AT) in 1997, and studied Sculpture and transmedial space at Kunstuniversität Linz with Ali Janka und Tobias Urban (Art group Gelitin) and at National Academy of Art Sofia in the sculpture column with Prof. Valentin Gospodinov. He works in the medium of stone, plaster, iron but also, with sound and video, text or Papier-mâché, etc.

At the exhibition on Saturday Simon Pfeiffer will present his performance on the stage of the community center in Gorna Lipnitsa.

„Come on stage with me. Let’s change the outworn shibboleths. Let’s initiate the new. Let us wait for the curtain to rise for us. Let’s stay confident. It’s going to be heavy, crackly, like I would break out of an egg, and wavy like our landscape here.


We will end the exhibition with a drink for inspiration and a chat with Christine and Simon!



Place: The building of the school.

Time: Saturday, 29th of July at 6 pm.




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