“Look at the sky”


Simeon Dimitrov, Maya Yancheva, Ina Todorova and Yana Dimitrova

“We transport you into the future. Litter, misery, drought, polluted air. We invite you into a space where we’ve all gotten lost – we’ve lost everything that we’ve ever been and everything that has surrounded us. We are late. We present you our daily life – the plastic, the cigarette butts and a single half-empty bottle of muddy water, «kept since 2022″. Something makes us ponder – remembering our childhood and nature and the best holidays and…

And now, through the secret creaking door, you are transported into the room of memories. Purity, light, warmth, peace. You hear the crunch of straw under your feet and a tinkling of some kind. The sound of ghosts from the past.

You see art around you – countless paintings arranged in a common harmony. In them you see both the side of war and the side of peace…

Something on your mind…?

Well, it’s time to go.

Things could be so much simpler… Look around you. Look at where you are. What’s around you? Look at the endless horizon! Now look up – there, at the clouds… Look at the sky! It’s blue!»

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