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A unique opportunity for an artistic residency in Bulgaria – “The Wheel of Time”, 2019

“The Wheel of Time”

Our residency program for 2019

Deadline for applying:  August, 2019



Dear friends,

We are excited to announce our residency program for 2019. Stepping over the threshold into the New Year, we see a great opportunity to give artists from all over the world the chance to enjoy the magic of rural Bulgaria.

We offer a place for a vacation and work, of sorts. A locus for a small group of artists – between 3 and 6 people – to ruminate, reflect and rejuvenate. Gorna Lipnitsa (www.gornalipnitsa.com/en/history), a rural community, where the present and the past complement and contrast one another. Here, the spirit of Socialism is still alive, remnants of which can be found throughout the streets of the village. Upon visiting us, you will be enveloped by the bucolic scenery, crisp, clean air, silence, economical and fresh food, an amiable community, and an opportunity for true inspiration.

The Residency

The Old School residency was found in 2010 in Gorna Lipnitsa village, Bulgaria. The building of the residency was a school in the past. The residency provides workspace for the participating artists – 6 indoor workshops and photo studio, open air space – the yard of the school, movie and concert salon. The space offers a great opportunity to work together on a common artistic project.

From 2010 to 2019, the residency has accepted more than 100 participants from more than 25 countries and the number of applications are over 700.

Until now, we have staged 26 exhibitions, which present the works of the artists, who take part in the residency.


The accommodation is in the building of the former kindergarten in the village, which has been preserved since the 1970s. We have three rooms with two beds, shared bathroom and toilet, dining room and separate kitchen, as well as a common room for relaxation. The building is located in the center of the village, next to a community center with a library, the town hall, the school and the agricultural museum.

We provide:

Accommodation for individuals or small groups up to 6 people – single or shared rooms.

Access to 6 studios in the building of the school, which are comfortable for painting, performances, dance performances and other arts.

Free visit to the main sights of the village – church, chapel, museum, exhibitions, etc.

Written materials connected with Bulgarian rituals and practices.

Opportunities for walks in nature, cycling routes and running trails.

Use of bicycles for transportation in the village.

Use of the Hall in the Community Center for artistic performances.

Possibility to use a kitchen where to prepare food. Products can be purchased from two shops in the village as well as from the nearest town, 10 km away from Gorna Lipnitsa.

1 communal meal.

Basic tools for work;

Contact with the local community;

Letters of invitation and other support to help you raise additional funds;


Cleaning service;

Laser printer and multimedia projector;

Organization of an exhibition or open studio to present the artists’ work.

Possibility to use free internet at certain locations in the village.

We will come to pick you up from the town of Pavlikeni and take you to the place of accommodation in the village of Gorna Lipnitsa.

Residency Fee:

Additional options /for a fee/:

Possibility for meal delivery.

Possibility to hire a chef to prepare food once a day.

Opportunity for walks to the weekly open air market in Pavlikeni.

Organized trips to the town of Veliko Tarnovo – the former capital of Bulgaria.

Tasting local brandy at the regional coppersmith. 

Duration of stay:

From 1 to 3 weeks during the period from May to September 2019.

1 st period – from the 10th to the 31st of May

2 nd period – from the 10th to the 30th of June

3 rd period –  from the 10th to the 31st of July

4 th period – from the 10th to the 31st of August

Terms of application:

Each candidate should send us:

–  A short CV;

–  Information about the selected discipline;

–  Information about the selected period and dates of participation;

– The artists should present their works by sending info about website, portfolio or images;

E-mail for application: oldschoolresidence@gmail.com

Selection of participants: The participants will be selected by jury.

Deadline for applying:  August, 2019

Results announcing: Within 10 days after receiving your application.

The disciplines for participation are:

1. Painting

2. Performance

3. Visual arts and installations

4.  Music

5.  Wall-painting

6.  Photography

7.  Land art

8.  Short films

The Organizers:

We are artists and lawyers who live and work in Bulgaria. We have been organizing various art events since 2010. In 2012 we started our work on creation and development of Ritual art. The Old School art residency is the main center of Ritual art – a movement in art  which is best known for putting the rituals at the base of the artwork. You can read more about us and our ideas on our websites:



Questions: Please submit additional questions to: oldschoolresidence@gmail.com

Application Guidelines

Darina Palova and Dimitar Palov

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Присъединете се към Фейт Първей, участник в резиденцията от САЩ и хората от Горна Липница за специално тържество в 19:00 ч. тази вечер – 31.07.2019


АРХИВ ОТ МИГОВЕ – Откриване на изложба на Елизабета Кунегати – 17 август /събота/ от 18.30


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