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“What are you looking for when you travel like this ? What do you expect from Bulgaria?”, I was asked before leaving… This trip was actually a never-ending surprise!


Arriving in Gorna Lipnitsa, I used polaroid photography to record the encounters I had with people and places. Every day I went treasure hunting in the school archive, where I found clues of known and unknown people. I had the chance to use new materials, such as vinyl sleeves, gold chains or fake pearls, to build a melancholic but festive “fresque”, where history and present time would meet in an iconic feast.

In Instant Archive, the present instant matches with found objects from the past. It is the starting point of an evolution of my personal aesthetic where I try to consciously use citations from what I have absorbed while traveling.

Place:  The building of the school in Gorna Lipnitsa – 2nd floor.

Time: Starts at 6.30 pm.


Elisabetta Cunegatti was born in Verona, Italy in 1988. She lives and works in Paris. Beside her personal artistic practice as photographer and poet, she works as coordinator of artistic projects in a centre for adults with intellectual and psychic disabilities. She participates to many independent publishing festivals and collective photography exhibitions. The Old School Residency is her first art residency.


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