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August artists 2019



„Association LaVie“

/4 members – Coordinator Eunji Park, Performer Yeonjeong Park, Performer Jaejun Jung and Video director Gyeong Yoon Kim/, South Korea – Performance

Eunji Park is an curator, an art critic and a director at Association LaVie from South Korea. In her view, art works are not only art works in art galleries and museums, but also creative experiences in life, which can cover graffiti, tattoos and even idol performances. Park dedicated her research to non-mainstream art practice including tattoo art and floral art and graduated with a thesis titled “A Study of Hermeneutic Phenomenology on the Life and Art of Tattoo-Artists”. Additionally, she has written articles regarding Korean boy band BTS, considering them as artists of K-pop, which is included in the Korean Wave (hallyu). Eunji Park also involves in the ecological movement, raising social discussion regarding the arising pollution issues in Korea through writing critics about the artistic practices that respond to the ecological crisis.

During their stay in Gorna Lipnitsa „Association LaVie“ will create their performance “I want to live in Bulgaria as you are: The edition of Bulgaria expedition“.

▷ Genre: Multidisciplinary Arts (Performance×Photography×Short Films)

▷ Participating team: Association LaVie((nonprofit project team)


MaryAnn Loo, Singapore – Wall-painting


MaryAnn Loo (also known as PenguinGirl) is a painter from Singapore. She is best known for her mixed media paintings that tell stories of penguins who live in the sky, as a symbol of possibilities and dreams coming true. Since her first solo exhibition in 2013, MaryAnn has curated and organized 2 group exhibitions, sold over 150 paintings, illustrated 6 children’s books, and exhibited in South Korea and Singapore. In 2016, she was one of three artists whose designs were printed on Singapore’s National Day Limited Edition EZ-Link Cards, and she also exhibited at the Affordable Art Fairs in Seoul and Singapore. Besides working on her art, MaryAnn is also a creative coach and enjoys bringing people together through art activities that allow them to connect to their imagination and their dreams. Her current mission is to collaborate with communities around the world and install 100 Dream Tree murals, which symbolize an ideal world where all can fulfil their aspirations together, thus making our world a better place. MaryAnn also loves singing, writing, contemplating the meaning of life, and chocolate.


Liav Gabay, Israel- Visual arts and installations


Liav Gabay (b.1981) is an Israeli artist based in Berlin, Germany. Liav uses mediums such as sculpture, video, drawing and installation to explore the concept of sensations, its appearance and aptitudes in a detectible realm. Using the material itself as catalysis for ideas and images, Gabay is engaged in the countless possibilities a substance can retain. His objects capture an internal conflict, holding tension between their interior and exterior, the real space and the illusion of the work.


Elisabetta Cunegatti, Italy – Photography


Elisabetta Cunegatti was born in 1988 in Verona, Italy. She lives and works in Paris since 2011. She completed a Double Degree program with a MSc in Cultural Management from Bocconi University (Milan, Italy) and HEC Paris, with a thesis on “Value creation in the art markets: confronting symbolic and economic capital”. She worked in the organisation of international art fairs as FIAC Paris and fotofever Brussels and Paris.

In 2015 she got a MA in Aesthetics and Contemporary Art at Paris 8 University, with a thesis on relational photography. She worked in the organisation of a professional jewellery trade show, before finding her current job as co-ordinator of cultural projects in a centre for people with intellectual disabilities, in the Paris-area.

Elisabetta Cunegatti is a photographer, urban poet in love with foreign languages and literatures, she is constantly looking for the perfect word to match the perfect image. She uses poetry and photography simultaneously, to live reality and to find beauty in every situation.

In 2019 she alo founded together with two Colombian artists, Yamile Villamil Rojas and Rodrigo Yarte Duarte, an artist collective to study the transitory street markets in the northern neighbourhoods of Paris, with an ethnographic approach to their daily lives.


Chris Botsis, Greece – Painting

„Painting: A process of assembling textures, hues, shapes and gestures upon a flat surface.

A process of assembling a vocabulary of images, which constantly evolves and changes, each image is the temporary freezing of a continuous flow of perceptions, emotions and memories.

The artist is a machine which re-assembles and produces, filters reality, transforms and distills it into an image, an object.“






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