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July artists 2019


Kate Clayton, UK – Performance


“I am a performance artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Within my practice I work collaboratively, collectively and individually. My themes focus on visibility of older women, ageing, friendship and conflict, feminism and the collaborative process. My work often involves artistic personas performed in different contexts and environments: public spaces, galleries, domestically, in cabaret and within the landscape.”


Yuan Lin, China – Visual arts and installations


Yuan Lin graduated from Dickinson College in 2016, where she double-majored in Studio Art and Theatre (Design and Technology concentration) and minored in music. She received her MFA in Sculpture from Boston University in 2018.

In Chinese, her first name “yuan” (圆) means: a circle, to complete a full circle, or to realize a dream.


Candice Salyers, USA – Performance


„For the past 20 years, I have created site-specific performances in various settings – including downtown alleyways, abandoned factories, open fields, bridges, libraries, stages, and national parks. Creating and performing dances in different combinations of landscape and architectural space allows audiences to have a variety of interactions with both the movement and the environment, and also helps me as an artist to recognize how humans are an important but small part of a much larger picture.“


Polina Stoynova aka Pol Parrhesia, Bulgaria, Spain – Visual arts and installations


“As a multidisciplinary creator I am interested in the minimal, sometimes invisible that has the power to transform perception and truth understood as the search for the well-being of all living beings. In between these utopias my works from the last 20 years as an immigrant have revolved around frontier identities, vulnerability, gender. This research with a longing for an intimate relationship has been materialized in the creation of ritual actions, objects and installations in which I like to see myself as a living tool for experimentation.

Since 2013 I have been working as a director of photography and image for the Spanish film-maker Ignacio G. Merlo, a collaboration which allows me to develop my own language of visual narration, also applied in graphic communication projects.

I have immersed myself in the study of deep ecology through natural beekeeping in 2016, when I’ve joined the Apijanda Learning Community and the socio-cultural and educational project of the neighbourhood association Pedro Esquivel in Santa Lucía (Andalusia). Simultaneously together with Karmit Even-Zur and Jorge Gallardo, started the development of the Bee Time Artist Residency in which we explore the relationships in-between the honeybee, landscape and human being through the arts.”


Faith Purvey, USA – Visual arts and installations/Painting



“My projects investigate civic, environmental and esoteric topics, often through partnerships with cities, youth, arts institutions and environmental organizations. I explore themes of mobility, home, outpost, and expedition in my work via modular sculptures constructed in natural and urban spaces.

I merge material processes with social relationships to produce temporary, collaborative installations and educational programs in landscape. I also incorporate sound, video, painting, photography, and performance in my work. The relationships created through my projects are integral to its meaning, and I often engage long-term connections in communities.”

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