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Julie Glassberg – France – Photography


Julie Glassberg was born and raised in Paris, France. After studying graphic design for four years, she decided to make her passion for photography become her life. Her interests are primarily based on the diversity of world cultures, subcultures, underground scenes as well as the misfits of society. Photography is like a passport to enter worlds that she would never be able to see otherwise. It simply is a way to learn about life from the persons she meets. Wherever they come from… After spending close to 7 years in New York City, she lived in Tokyo, Japan for a year, where she met local artists and experimented more with photography and collaborations. She recently completed a 6 months residency program in Shanghai at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel and lives in Paris at the moment.

Her work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, Le Monde, The International NYT, WSJ, ESPN mag, Neon mag, Stern View, L’Equipe mag, Polka, among others.

She has been awarded a Lucie Scholarship Emerging Grant, a Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography, a POYi Award of Excellence, an Art Directors Club Young Gun award, and more recently an IPA award as well as 1st Place for editorial personality portrait at the Moscow International Foto Awards.

THE ROAD as a Ritual


For 4 days I went around Gorna Lipnitsa to meet people, ask them a few questions about themselves, the town, their perception of the road, as well as to photograph them. Some people were encounters, others were referred to me. My goal is not to explain Gorna Lipnitsa or try to report on the town. I wanted to get a feel of it, the atmosphere, and its people. People here are the thread that lead my way. My road. This town right away felt a bit surreal to me. The whole village seems stopped in time. The architectures and the interiors are all witnesses of the history that went through. But the village is very well alive today as some of its people are very active in keeping it that way. Here is a portrait of Gorna Lipnitsa, through my eyes, during my short stay.

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