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Hristo Valchev – Bulgaria – Visual Arts and Installations


Hristo Valchev was born in Sevlievo, Bulgaria and now is traveling on the spirals of the Universe. Naturalist in soul, biologist and environmentalist for a living and artist at heart, he creates naturalistic harmonic art works connecting people and nature in a natural and sustainable way, nice and useful for all!

Each of us has the creative sparkle within and with little inspiration wonderful things can happen!



Ritual Magical Garden


The Ritual Magical Garden is a place for making special rituals for artistic inspiration of all artists in Gorna Lipnitsa. It combines the energies of the natural elements and the muses of creativity and spiritualizes admiration and pleasure for nature and arts. The Garden is created with Naturalistic Design, using local materials: cardboard, branches, stones, compost, soil and sand. In the Garden are planted special herbs which harmonically raise the energy of the space and work as a connection with the spirits of nature and the muses of creativity at any time. The Garden also favors biodiversity and increases the ecosystem services of the place, while in the same time is aesthetic and useful creation, bearing happiness, beauty and herbal products to the people of Gorna Lipnitsa!

Please, take care of the Garden! Thank you!



Ritualna gradina 2

Ritualna gradina 3

Ritualna gradina 4

The plant species planted in the Ritual Magical Garden are annual and perennial herbal honey plants, chosen specially  according to the conception of the initiative Bee Paradise, aimed at conservation and stimulation of pollinators and plants.

List with plants species:

  1.  Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Mill.)
  2. Annual clary (Salvia viridis L.)
  3.  Scarlet beebalm (Monarda didyma L.)
  4.  Aztec marigold (Tagetes erecta L.)
  5.  Yarrow (Achillea millefolium L.)
  6.  Agastache, Giant blue hyssop (Agastache foeniculum (Pursh) Kuntze)
  7.  Basil (Оcimum basilicum L.)


Organizing and Conducting of Ritual Art – Time and Space edition of the Old School residency is financed under BG 08 Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts Programme of the EEA Financial Mechanism.

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This document is created with the financial support of BG 08 Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts Programme of the EEA financial mechanism. Community center Zora – 1887 is fully responsible for the content of the document and under no circumstances can be assumed that this document reflects the official opinion of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the operator of BG 08 Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts programme.

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