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Domingo Pino – Spain – Visual Arts and Installations/Painting


Domingo Pino is born in 1985 in Madrid (Spain). He has graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Cuenca), specializing in the fields of Plastic Arts and Graphic Design.

I enjoy working in different styles and disciplines, both plastic and digital: painting, video, illustration, collage and modeling. Although not all the works are focused on a common theme, in most of them is the idea of representing different aspects of my perceived reality. My style is very diverse by the wide spectrum of my interests and inspirations, as well as allowing me great flexibility in meeting the demands of graphic design clients.

On the formal aspect, when I start working I try not to plan the final result, but to develop the work bearing in mind the idea that motivates it. I like to experiment and try different expressive possibilities offered by the materials I work with.


Ritual art – Time and Space



The idea that motivated the project was to use the elements from the local environment to create a particular kind of spirituality escaping from the utilitarian conception of the religious images, used as tools to empower ideas and values. I tried to make an idol clean of preconceptions, without known symbolism, myths or legends behind, just made from components that can evoke and stimulate different feelings and emotions in the observer. 

The figure tries to combine the natural with the artificial, magic and science, past and present, through its components; some of them picked up in the nature and others man made, working together in an elementary mechanism that revitalizes the power of the old elements and offer a new meaning, emotion and aesthetic values that previously didn´t have, devalued by the regular use. 

I feel that the marginalized and useless things, the old or dilapidated, is what restores the lost sensitivity to the magic. Using that kind of components I try to celebrate their obsolescence recovering them, in a society devotee of the new, because of the emotional charge that the traces of the time and the use have left on its surface. I think there are not things without life or power to unleash a dream or a transformation. My goal is to convene them to make it work as a medium between us and a reality that is beyond of our comprehension.

Moreover, this idol is not only an attempt to highlight the mysticism of this space -Gorna Lipnitsa- through the elements from its environment, but to bring the old existences of this components to the present, in the shape of a mechanism that encloses a secret ritual and symbolism. 

                                                                                                                                                                   Domingo Pino, 2015

Domingo Pino Zakribashta 1

Idol, Closing exhibition, 22.08.2015, The Old School Residency


Domingo Pino Zakribashta 2

Domingo Pino Zakribashta 3



Domingo Pino 1

Domingo Pino 2







Domingo Pino 3           Domingo Pino 4






Domingo Pino 5

Domingo Pino 6






Domingo Pino 7

Domingo Pino 9






Domingo Pino 8

Domingo Pino 10



Video for the working process



Organizing and Conducting of Ritual Art – Time and Space edition of the Old School residency is financed under BG 08 Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts Programme of the EEA Financial Mechanism.


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