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Paloma Ayala (Mexico)  / Yana Drumeva (Bulgaria)



Star Maps
Paloma Ayala (Mexico)  / Yana Drumeva (Bulgaria)
hand made felt (wool Bergschaf), paper, 20 X 30 cm.


The first collaboration between the visual artist Yana Drumeva (Bulgaria) and Paloma Ayala (Mexico), explores the possibilities of connecting to the community through magical and astronomical references. Their collages express the belief of wishing as a magical spell-like blessing from the artist to the people of their present host town Gorna Lipnitsa, during their stay as artists in The Old School Residency program.

Mexican maps and traditional Bulgarian textile materials were used to build imaginary maps that present their connection to each other, and to the culture of Gorna Lipnitsa. Some of the children from the village helped the artists and learned how to make felt. This created a strong connection between the old technique and the new generations.

Ten spots were chosen around the village center, that are connected in the form of the Orion constellation. The constellation is projected on the village itself as a reflections of the stars above, and trying to bring them to the people.

Each of the parts express a wish of well being for the village residents.












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