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Manuel Garibay – Mexico – Painting


Manolo Garibay is a painter who lives and works in Mexico City. He studied Fine Arts at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM). Garibay has been involved in more than thirty collective exhibitions in different venues of Mexico and Europe.

Garibay also has a major participation in the performance scene with audiovisual projects. He worked with the artists collective Live-cinema Trinchera Ensamble with performances in different forums. He has also created a Visual Concert with the RIO avant-prog group LA PERRA a performance in which real time painting, drawing, animation and video share syn-esthetic presence with the live musicians. This Visual Concert has had over 50 shows since 2007 in different venues and festivals throughout Mexico.

Manolo Garibay is a founder of the artist collective Luz y Fuerza Expanded Cinema. The group produces workshops and installations that consist in creating handmade technology to project analog image. In 2013 the collective received the Support Program for Production and Investigation in Art and Media of the Multimedia Center for executing the project BICINEETICO, which consist in producing four installations of projection systems with energy generated by bicycles.



Manolo 01

Manolo 02

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Manolo risunka 2

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Manolo risunka 1



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