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Yana Drumeva – Bulgaria/Italy – Visual arts and Installations


Yana Drumeva works in the area of Decoration and Installations. She graduated the National Academy of Fine Arts  of Sofia– Mural Painting, later graduated a Master in the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna – Decoration for architecture. Currently she works in the area of site specific installations and art in urban environment. One of her favourite materials is the hand made felt. She will use it also during the art residence.

“I’m a nomad in search of new places and inspirations. Every place is a new challenge and my aim (and mission) is to make it more beautiful, better, more creative and more real”.



Stairs To the Sky

hand-made felt, led, herbs, flowers, paper, natural colours;


Inspired by the Thracian’s legends, the installation “Stairs to the sky” represents a symbolic ritual by which we are trying to connect with the stars. According to some legends, the mounds are a kind of stairs to the stars for the human souls. In the same way the felt lamps are symbolic urns that contain part of the past and the present of the town of Gorna Lipnitsa.

Each of them was made by using old object from the school, giving them a new life.

Herbs and flowers was inter-weaved with the wool and all colour was made by typical herbs from the village – sort of a good spell inspired by the power of the nature and the specific atmosphere of Gorna Lipnitsa. To become a real magical ritual, I asked each of the artist to make a wish to the stars and write it down so our words and thoughts can unite and send a message full of good energy to the sky.

And so “Stairs to the sky” is a blessing for: love, peace, harmony, memories, discipline, goodness, well-being, tolerance, bright and a better future. Let the magic starts now..

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