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Simone Haack – Germany – Painting  

Simone Haack is a painter, based in Berlin, Germany.

She follows the tradition of classical art: she has placed herself in the long tradition of representative, realistic painting and has formed her own unmistakable style. The human being is her prime interest – mainly the female figure. The artist chooses unusual postures and perspectives in her nude paintings. The women usually remain in a body stance that hovers between being existentially highly charged and natural casualness.

Although  her paintings follow the rules of realistic painting, they still establish a reality which we associate with dreams, memory and imagination. This impression is strengthened by the artist abandoning a spatial involvement in the representation. Simone Haack’s figures are often placed into a space- less nowhere – stimulating associations and the viewer’s fantasy.



Goran Pamukov – Bulgaria – Painting

Goran Pamukov is a painter born in Sofia and now living and working in Ruse. He has graduated graphics in VTU “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” – Veliko Tarnovo.

“Everything around me could be used

WHAT? I create paintings – collages, made with mixed media in which different expressive portraits and forms are built-in with vanguard style, showing the current psychological state of the creator.

HOW? I stretch one old sheet on a rotten frame of window. Then pour a jar of glue C 200 on the old, eaten by moths sheet. There are several cans of paint and ferrolite around me.

I use different textures for the background – foil, old socialist papers, fabrics. After a few hours painting with a stick the piece is ready!

INSPIRATION. I draw inspiration from the cave paintings to the modern painters like Willem de Kooning and Basquiat.



Damyan Bumbalov – Bulgaria – Painting

Damyan Bumbalov is a painter, born in Yambol, Bulgaria. He lives and works in Veliko Turnovo. Damyan has graduated “Academician Dechko Uzunov” art school in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. He holds a master degree in Scultpure from “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” University of Veliko Turnovo.

Damyan Bumbalov is one of the founders of Gallery “Taralej” (The Hedgehog) – Veliko Turnovo. Various art events in Veliko Turnovo are organized by him, including “Art zone”, open – air festival “Samovodska charshiya – craftsmen`s street”, “Light installation for the “Earth hour”, mini festival “12 hours art”.



Jenny Haywood – U.K. – Wall – Painting                 

 Jenny Haywood is a painter, who lives in Cornwall, U.K.

Her main artistic interests are focused in the aria of painting, wall-painting, sculpture and installations.

„I have been fortunate to work with a whole array of great artists nationally and internationally and have drawn great influence from many of them, as well as from the fantastic places I have had the privilege of living and working in.“



Alina d’Alva Duchrow – Brasil/Tunisia – Visual art and Installations  

Alina Duchrow is a visual artist, who lives in Tunisia.

„My work consists in take risks. The risk to meet the other without a frame or pre-defined idea. The starting point of my creative process is to let myself be affected by the “world”, be this “world” a place, a person or an event, and allow a poetic form emerge from this affection. Distract myself enough of myself to find what is not sought but that happened.“



Daniele Villa – Italy Visual art and Installations/ Performance  

Daniele Villa is a visual artist, lives and works in Rome, Italy.

His background and formation is erratic and multidisciplinary including art, theatre, cinema and film critics.

He directs his visual research towards the territory of collage, creating collage-based works, made solely with paper, scissors and glue.

Free from the perfecting powers of computer manipulation, the concept of his collages floats between the nostalgia for lost harmonies and a frantic search for new ones. Rather than being driven towards fragmentation and disorientation, his work leans more towards a paradoxical unity. His film-making background leads to him pay meticulous attention to the images, their editing and their narrative.

About his latest activity in the movie field, in 2011 he produces ‘The Dark Side of the Sun’, directed by Carlo Hintermann, premiered at the Rome Film Festival.

His research is gradually moving towards assemblage, installations and performances investigating the concept of memory and divination of life.



Trevor Knott – U.S. – Performance/ Painting    

 Trevor Knott is a performance artist, who lives in Minneapolis, U.S.

His works are focused on the correlations between ritual in spiritual practices and ritual in studio practices. Other topics in his art are advanced figure drawing; large scale installation work and abstract drawing; wood, metal and ceramic fabrication.

„In my work, I use figures and symbols to produce narratives and raise questions about power and truth. What is it? Who possesses it? How does it affect us? These questions and more are addressed in my sculptural and two-dimensional pieces. My favored symbol of power is the obelisk. Creating interactions between obelisks and different archetypes allows me to express my view on power in an abstract way. My pieces are generally done using traditional techniques, as I believe in the spiritual connection of creation and tactile relationships.“



Local artists:

Martin Petrov – /Bulgaria/ – Painting

Plamen Petrov – /Bulgaria/ – Painting

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