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The final selection of the participants for this year edition of the residency “The end as a beginning: Gorna Lipnitsa and the beginning of the world, 2012” was finalized in the first days of July. 105 artists showed interest to participate in the residency and the jury had to make a hard decision and chose 11 artists, who will work in the spheres of painting, photography, visual arts, music and short movies.

In the painting discipline participants will be Konstantin Konstantinov (Bulgaria), Wael Darwish (Egypt), Fabiola Marabotto (Mexico/Canada), Slav Nedev (Bulgaria), Michael Hahn (USA). The visual artist will be Gustavo Plascencia (Mexico/USA). The participating photographers in 2012 will be Aya Imamura (Japan), Kaveh Baghdadchi (Iran) and Eli Ivanova (Bulgaria/USA). William “Bilwa” Costa (USA) will work in the sphere of music and Tamara Erde (Israel/France) will work on short-movies.

This year, again, the choosing of the participants was realized by jury – the organizers of the Art residency and guests – associate professor d-r Andronika Martonova from the Institute for investigation of arts – Bulgarian Academy of Science and Veneta Zaharieva – photographer and main editor of the magazine “Photobuletin”. The jury is lead by a several criteria – the chosen should work in different spheres of art, to have a clear conception for the community, the world and their work. There should be a balance between men and women. And the most important thing was to find artists – explorers which will concentrate and change the space and transform the end in a beginning.

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