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On 9th May 2012 passed the deadline for participation in the upcoming residency “The End as a Beginning: Gorna Lipnitsa and the Beginning of the World, 2012”. The final number of artists who want to participate in the residency is 105.

Most of the candidates have applied for painting (44), followed by visual arts and installations (18), photography (13), wooden sculpture, wall-painting and restoration, short movies, music, literature, architecture, curatorial.

The candidates, except from Bulgaria, are from the whole world – USA, Egypt, India, Columbia, Brazil, Haiti, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Republic of Zimbabwe, Africa, Israel and Iran. There are also participators from some European countries such as Spain, England, Germany, Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Poland and The Netherlands, Ukraine and Kosovo.

The participating artists in the residency, which will be from 17 to 26 August in Gorna Lipnitsa, will be 10. The result will be announced on 6th June 2012.

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