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I have recently moved north, into the Green Mountains of southern Vermont, where globalization and capitalization have less effect on my daily existence.

I am a nomadic sculptor and installation artist, creating site-specific sculptures from found materials.

My artwork is a collection of storybook worlds come to life in our own, an exploration and celebration of our wonderland through the alchemy of art-making.

Using detritus, the remains of the past, to build the future, has become central to my work. These sculptures are hand-made from the raw materials gathered around, based on the notion that the enchanted is simply a rearranging of the ordinary.

The raw materials themselves grow site-specific to the sculptures, as the gathering process becomes embedded and interwoven into the artwork, and the final pieces are the demonstration of a magical transformation.

My artwork is a conversation with a space, seeking out storybook settings while collecting the raw materials I find, documenting my interaction with the space while recreating the enchanted places I envision allowing sculptural projects to investigate the interconnections that bind us to the land.

And within these hand-built spaces, viewers become visitors and are welcomed to interact with the work, engaging in play while their imaginations run wild. As these enchanted storybook spaces are created for community interaction, allowing the alchemy to transform us all while personal interaction occurs.


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