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“I’m currently teaching painting at Accademia del Giglio and living between Lazarevac-Srbija and Florence-Italy.

Unconsciously and consciously always occupied with two main themes that for me are under the same category, which is the nature of existence, I remain the devotee of both of them.
The first one is death-destruction, decomposing, destroying, disease, conflict; and the second includes life-creation, love, construction, health, harmony. Those two are always being born one from another without an answer who gave birth to whom at first. They are in constant alternation.
I’m treating them through the different subjects and I’m changing it every few years. The last period there was deconstruction in bones, flesh and blood and then recently there is life through the human figure.
But those two poles are never completely apart-in every black there is always a bit of white, in every good a bit of bad, in every yin a bit of yang and vice versa:
My human are always without heads-not as the dead ones – but depersonalized- which, on the other hand a kind of dying too.
And the bones, flesh, meet, blood and skeletons have their own story – they are living their dead life too.
In that way I play with transcending from one level to another, making both plus and minus existing at the same time, in an eternity, infinity- life itself.”


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