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On 5th May 2011, passed the deadline for participation for The Old School residency, which motto this year is “The fellowship of the legends”. The event will last one week, from 21 to 28 August 2011 in Gorna Lipnitsa.

This year we received a total number of 77 applications for participation, covering the following disciplines: visual arts and installations (37), painting (23), photography (11), architecture (4), music (3), wooden sculpture (2), icon painting and restoration (1). Some of the applicants are interested in more than one discipline. The artists are from Australia, Austria, Alger, Aruba, Bulgaria, Bahrain, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Egypt, India, Italy, Iran, Ireland, Spain, Indonesia, Canada, Columbia, Niger, Poland, Russia, Romania, USA, Serbia, Turkey, Thailand, Ukraine, France, Hungary and Japan.

Only 10 Bulgarian and foreign artists will participate in the Art Residence. The selection will be made until 30 May 2011 and each candidate will be e-mailed with the results.

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