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Dear friends,

“Development for Gorna Lipnitsa Association” together with “Gorna Lipnitsa” municipality is organizing an art residence “The Оld School” in Gorna Lipnitsa village, Bulgaria. For one week the building of the ex-school will shelter artists from different nations, who will make art with the idea of working in a new, unordinary place.

In the upcoming event, painters, sculptors, photographers, writers, icon-painters, etc., can take part.

The participators will be chose by committee.

Disciplines for 2011 are:

1  Painting

2  Wood sculpture

3  Photography

4  Visual arts and installations

5  Icon-painting and restoration

6  Music

7  Curatorial

8  Architecture

Development for Gorna Lipnitsa Association provides working places, sleeping places, food, materials for work and translators (if needed). The art residence has five indoor workshops – for painting, wood sculpture, photo studio and also outdoor area for working.

Expenses paid by artist: travelling to Gorna Lipnitsa.

Date of activity: 21 – 28 August 2011.

Place: Gorna Lipnitsa village, Bulgaria

Motto of the art residence in 2011 will be The fellowship of the legends.

The artists` work in the art residence will be organized by developed materials on the following topics. Possible topics:

  • Legends for snakes
  • Legends for dragons
  • Legends for animals
  • Legends for magic
  • Legends for wells

* Those topics are for example, the participators could choose other for work.

For each topic, participators will have the opportunity to talk with people connected to it, to search and collect additional materials related to it.

Terms for participating:

Each candidate should send us:

–         short CV;

–         the name of the chosen discipline;

–         an actual internet link for candidate`s works, portfolio or pictures of works;

Number of participators: up to ten artists

Deadline for applying: 5 May 2011

Results announcing: up to 30 May 2011

E-mail for candidatures: oldschoolresidence@yahoo.com

More info about Gorna Lipnitsa, organizers and the event you could find in:http://www.gornalipnitsa.com/ and Facebook – Old School Residence Gorna Lipnitsa

Art residence “The Old School” is a member of the international network Res Artis. You can view the organization profile here:  


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